Because, you see, you only need one friend for a party.

One is enough. Two is enough.

Anything is enough.

oh my gosh you guys are amazing

((hi i’m one away from 1.8k))

Anonymous: Percabeth coffee shop AU?

He’s never been a fan of coffee.

 Something about the bitterness has always put Percy off, or the too-sweet taste from added sweetener. It’s never given him that satisfaction that all the rest of his peers seem to find in the drink–nor the caffeine boost that is necessary for working all night on an essay (instead, he sticks to energy drinks).

So that’s why it’s a surprise to everyone, including himself, when he goes along with his friend Rachel to the small café she claims to have “found.”

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Clara + adorable facial expressions

Why did you say six months?
    Why did you say five minutes??


my favorite thing about piper is how much she reminds me of me like on the outside she’s really tactful and nice and tries to reason with everyone to keep the peace but on the inside she makes really sarcastic comments and struggles not to maim and kill the idiots around her

"You are children of the three major gods. Who could withstand your combined power?"

Anonymous: the luke/tree piece was lovely :)

oh thanks!!

it wasn’t a piece i felt very strong about, but that means so much!!

Anonymous: Luke trying to resist Kronos's command to poison Thalia's tree...

He got into this for selfish reasons, he’ll admit. Luke wanted a better world for himself, where he—and those like him (other demigods)—could have the power they deserved.

The stupid, jerkish gods of Olympus didn’t earn the right to bear what strength they had—their children did.

And that’s why he joined. 

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and when the vultures sing tonight,
I’m gonna join right in.
pierce the veil - bulletproof love.
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rose tyler + autumn colors


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